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 Sharingan techniques

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PostSubject: Sharingan techniques   Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:44 pm

Mirror Heaven: Earth change: opponent casts a genjutsu user can stop the genjutsu and turn it onto the opponent (tomoe 3 only)

Ephemeral: casts a genjutsu with the point of a finger (just gotta look at the hand) Controls what the opponent sees. Can show opponent their fears showing close friends degrading them. (lasts for 3 posts takes 3 to use again tomoe 3 only)

Sharingan Windmill Triple Blades: throws three large shuriken with wires attached. Can control the wires and wrap them around the opponent.

Tsukoyomi (Mangkeyou): A powerful genjutsu that alters time in the victims mind. The victim can be tortured for three days max and still have chakra left for battle. (User must make eye contact with opponent, lasts for 2 post ~3 days~)

Implosion technique(Mangkeyou): Focus's on one area on the user, and that part gets blown away to a different place. (can only use three times in a battle)

Shoukyoko (Mangkeyou): creates a barrier around an opponent. Inside is very dense matter, so its harder to escape. Negative gravity pulls on opponent until there ripped apart. (Can only use twice.)

Ibento-tengai (Mangkeyou): Creates a rip in the fabric of matter. Pouring chakra into it, then collapsing it at a rapid pace will create a blackhole. This technique doesnt require to much chakra to create, but closing it is the problem.

Amaterasu (Mangkeyou): This technique creates a black flame that can cut through anything. It burns for 7 days and 7 nights. Because of the chakra needed to use this, it is used on very limited basis. (Can only use twice)

Rokurenpatsu (six camber revolver): Utilizing the sharingan, rokurenpatsu is a very strong genjutsu. Created for assassinations, it puts the opponent in another realm in the mind, and can literally burns the opponent alive. While in this state of unconciousness, the opponent can go through 6 stages. The first being the weakest; effects can include hypnotism, and seeing things that arent there, to the 6th being the strongest; mental disruption, brain damage.(tomoe 3, lasts for 4 posts)

Yattsu-enjaku uieto(Eight small birds wait)(tomoe 2): Creates Eight fireballs that can wait, and attack on que.
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Sharingan techniques
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