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 Uchiha clan jutsus

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ThE gIrL aLl tHe baD guYs WanT [GWO leader]

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PostSubject: Uchiha clan jutsus   Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:47 pm

Fire release: Fireball jutsu
Fire release: Great fireball jutsu: shoots a bigger, hotter flame that can cover short, but wide amount of area
Fire release: Phoenix flower jutsu: multiple fireballs
Fire release: Mythical fire phoenix: multiple fireballs. shuriken and kunai with string attached can be hidden in fireballs
Fire release: Fire dragon projectile: shoots a jet of flame.
Fire release: Mist Waltz: shoots a misty, sticky substance that is highly flammable
Earth release: Mud underworld: sets a large area of mud, opponents sink and get stuck
Earth release: Earth dragon projectile: shoots multiple earth torpedos
Earth release: Earth style wall
Earth release: Quicksand area: for traps and close combat, sets an area of quicksand
Earth release: Mud flow river: a Mud river starts to flow, sweeping opponent away
Wind and water release: Typhoon Water Vortex: creates a rasengan with water and wind fused with it. On impact, it creates a vortex like affect shooting outward

Twin Assassin jutsu: Creates two fire dragons that can bind, explode, or protect the user.
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Uchiha clan jutsus
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