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 GWO history

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ThE gIrL aLl tHe baD guYs WanT [GWO leader]
ThE gIrL aLl tHe baD guYs WanT [GWO leader]

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PostSubject: GWO history   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:11 pm

In were always recognized for their power...but how about girls?
You know the quote: "Behind any success is a women" well nobody gave that women a medal...or at last a "thank you".
Man kind dominated....with str....not intelligence...
2008...ladies...I think it's time to switch roles!
A few years ago a young kunoichi wanted to become an ANBU, but she was told that she's weak, because she's a girl.
She left the village n decided to form an organization that will prove how "weak" she is, she became a professional assassin.
Other girls sharing the same fast joined her...and so was GWO formed.
If man will use str to dominate...well GWO uses: str, intelligence and charm...
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GWO history
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