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 GWO rules (more to add by u)

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ThE gIrL aLl tHe baD guYs WanT [GWO leader]
ThE gIrL aLl tHe baD guYs WanT [GWO leader]

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PostSubject: GWO rules (more to add by u)   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:13 pm

1. we are sisters, we don't let eachother down
2. nobody, i repeat NOBODY should know about our hq
3. we action as a team
4. we don't kill eachother
5. we vote together when it comes to adding new members
6. when somebody leaves we use the "Mind forgeting" on her
7. we share the money we get
8. never drown the man who taught u to swim (u'll figure out what this means soon enough)
9. we don't fall in love with the target
10. we don't fight 4 the leader position (it's nothin' special about it)
11. we don't hunt bijuus Razz
12. we respect eachother
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GWO rules (more to add by u)
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