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 kagya clan jutsus

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Zane hataro
Kaguya clan leder/ Thunder kage
Zane hataro

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PostSubject: kagya clan jutsus   Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:30 pm


finger bullet
the user shoots bones out of thare finger tips at the oponent


bone sword
the user pulls a bone out of thare body that is as strong as a sword

bone combo

the user pulls out thare spine and uses it as a rope to catch the enamy and bring them twords the bone sword and slice them in half

chunin jutsu
bone trap
if the enamy comes near the user using taijutsu the user can bring any bone out of thare body to block and counter attack just by thought

kaguya bone rush
the user dose handsigns and makes 100s of bones apere out of the ground and head towards the oponent the ground is destroyed also if it hits it dose high damage but if the oponent goes left or right the rush can not be changed in direction

bone prison the user traps the oponent in a sphere on bones and the longer the enamy is in the sphere the more chakra the user gets and more chakra the oponent loses

bone clone
the user brings 1 bone out of thare body and tranceforms it into a clone but unlike other clones this clone dosent die in 1 hit it would turn back into a bone after being hit 7 times or being hit by a attack that would kill the user

joinin jutsus
bone sheild lvl 7
the user creates a sheild of black bones tio suround them for 5 posts the bones are almost unbrakeable and unmeltable

ultamant bone jutsu
the user gathers most of thare bones around thare arm into a giant bone speare if it hits the oponent takes massive damage and could die
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kagya clan jutsus
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