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 Celestial gates

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PostSubject: Celestial gates   Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:57 pm

Gate of Opening (開門 Kaimon) releases the brain's limit on the total strain on the muscles, giving the user five times their normal strength.

Gate of Rest (休門 Kyūmon) releases the brain's limit on the body's stamina, making a battle-worn person become miraculously ready to fight as if the fight had just started.

Gate of Life (生門 Seimon) is located on the spinal cord, and releases the limit on the nervous system, which makes information travel at a faster rate and creates even more stamina. As a side effect, the user's skin turns red, indicating an increased blood-oxygen level.

Gate of Pain (傷門 Shōmon) releases the limit on oxygen intake in the lungs, creating much more oxygen for the body to use.

Gate of Closing (杜門 Tomon) releases the limit on the amount of chakra released at one time.

Gate of Joy (景門 Keimon) removes the limit on how much fat and proteins the intestines can digest, and releases otherwise useless energy resources, giving the user even more power and stamina.

Gate of Shock (驚門 Kyōmon) removes the limit on how fast the body can move, removes wastes from dead skin cells to feces, and gives the body a much cleaner system to work with, producing even more power and stamina.

Gate of Death (死門 Shimon) opens the final gate located at the heart and uses up all of the body's energy. It makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate. All the energy in every individual cell is used up, giving the user power well above that of any Kage. This "big bang" effect is only temporary, and destroys every muscle in the user's body including the heart. Death is assured when opening this gate hence the name.


Front Lotus requires the opening of the first chakra gate, giving the user five times their normal strength. Having prepared for the jutsu by unwrapping the bandages on his arms, the user kicks his opponent into the air, and then performs Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. Once he is behind his opponent, he then wraps the arm bandages around them, and grabs them in a bear hug, then piledrives them into the ground while spinning rapidly. The resulting impact will likely kill his opponent, though this has yet to happen due to extenuating circumstances. Because it uses one of the chakra gates, the user is left extremely fatigued, making this jutsu a "double-edged sword."

Hidden Lotus
This jutsu is an advanced and more destructive version of the Front Lotus, which requires that at least three chakra gates be opened (in every instance in which it has been used, five gates are opened). Once enough gates are open, the user launches the target into the air and strikes them at inhuman speed before hitting them with one arm and one foot, sending the target crashing into the ground. This is usually fatal due to the speed and power behind the attack. Because so many chakra gates are opened at once, it can only be used once, since the user will likely be unable to stand afterward. Guy's version involves him launching the enemy into the air, spinning like a drill, and delivering a bone-shattering punch.

True Hidden Lotus
This jutsu needs the 5th gate opened.The user will run up to the target and kick them into the air and then headbutt them 1000 times in 4 seconds.

Eternal Chaotic Dance
After opening seven chakra gates, Lee punches the ground, creating an earthquake that launches his opponent into the air. He then attacks his foe many times at the speed of light, moving so fast that it seems as if there are three Lees attacking at once. To finish, Rock Lee punches the enemy from the sky three times, slamming them back to the ground

Universal lotus
The user will open the 7th gate and grab and run into the atmosphere with the target then once in space the user will spin and spin then do a huge lotus that can destroy 6 villages on the target.

Worldwide Lotus
The user will grab the target and take them around the world smashing into mountains.Then before they finish the target punches them and does a hidden lotus on them.

Morning Peacock
this jutsu uses six of the eight chakra gates to give the user unmatched speed and strength. After the gates are open, Guy will approach his opponent in a somewhat distinctive stance and, once he gets close enough, kick them into the air. He then hits his opponent over and over, causing a peacock-like fan of flaming chakra to develop. Once Guy is finished, his opponent will fall back to the ground, covered in the attack's aura. It should be noted that this technique is not a Kinjutsu in itself, but merely a simple combo, fuelled by a Kinjutsu

- Lotus Style; Stage 1 [Renge Buji; Dakai Ichi]
The first stage of the Lotus Style is simply bodily training. The user wears weighted armlets and leglets to help improve his speed and strength. The user trains by simply moving constantly, and training sessions look almost like boxing matches, with the user having to constantly move around and dodge the trainer. It is believed that teaching one how to survive is the first order of business. | +2 Agility and +1 Strength | Passive | Genin

- Leaf Violent Wind [Konoha Reppuu]
The user moves foreword with such speed that he knocks himself off balance. With a quick pivot and step, he turns on one foot and performs a powerful, low sweeping kick with the other. This kick is more powerful then normal because of the momentum involved. | Chakra- 5 | Damage- Strength + Agility | Requires Lotus Style; Stage 1

- Lotus Style; Stage 2 [Renge Buji; Dakai Ni]
After the basic body building is complete, the user then begins training technique. The user is taught how to keep momentum up, and how to move one move into another. This allows for stronger blows and more fluid movements. The user also learns how to constantly circle an opponent, keeping him on guard constantly. | +1 Strength and +2 Agility | Passive | Advanced Genin | Requires Lotus Style; Stage 1

- Leaf Shadow Dance [Kage Buyou]
Though this jutsu is considered by some to be a great feat of taijutsu, it's really just an advanced form of the Body Switch Technique. The user uses a small burst of speed generated by chakra to quickly move behind or below an opponent and act like their shadow. This jutsu is normally used to get around an opponent's defenses and catch them off balance. | Chakra- 5 | Advanced Genin | This jutsu is only effective against people with 5 less agility then yourself. Rather, people with more agility then 5 less then yours can stop or react to the jutsu as though it were a basic movement. Requires Lotus Style; Stage 2

- Leaf Spinning Wind [Konoha Senpuu]
A more advanced version of the Leaf Violent Wind, this jutsu makes continues the off-balance attacks. The user spins like a top, performing up to three roundhouse kicks in rapid succession, keeping up the momentum throughout them all. | Chakra- 10 | Damage- Strength + Agility (Per Kick) | Advanced Genin | Requires the Leaf Violent Wind and Lotus Style; Stage 2

- Lotus Style; Stage 3 [Renge Buji; Dakai San]
By this time, the focus moves less on building up one's body and more on building up their technique. They learn how to read their opponent's movements, where to strike and how. By focusing on the softer and more vulnerable areas on the body, the user is able to increase the damage done considerably. | Add Agility to all unarmed, nonjutsu, melee blows. | Passive | Chuunin | and Lotus Style; Stage 2

- Leaf Grand Spinning Wind [Konoha Daisenpuu]
By using chakra to maintain even more control over the body, the user is able to perform great sweeping kicks in great succession without losing control. The Leaf Grand Spinning Wind incorporates a total of five devastating kicks. | Chakra- 20 | Damage- Strength + Agility (Per Kick) | Chuunin | Requires Leaf Spinning Wind and Lotus Style; Stage 3

- Lotus Style; Stage 4 [Renge Buji; Dakai Si]
By this point, the user knows his own body well, so he now learns how to use his body movements to catch his opponent off guard. Practitioners who have reached this rank are known for spending entire matches circling their opponents, varying their speed and attempting to force an opening by making their opponent attack. The also nearly master how to place their entire body into their blows, further increasing damage. | Add Agility to all unarmed, nonjutsu melee blows instead of . +1 Strength and +1 Agility | Passive | ANBU | Requires Lotus Style; Stage 3

- Leaf Super Spinning Wind [Konoha Gouriki Senpuu]
Considered to be the most powerful of the Leaf Winds, this jutsu uses a massive chakra burst to cause the user to quickly turn. The sheer momentum creates a slashing motion that is capable of destroying bricks | Chakra- 20 | Damage- Twice your Strength + Twice your Agility | ANBU | Requires Lotus Style; Stage 4

- Lotus Style; Stage 5 [Renge Buji; Dakai Go]
By this time, the user has practically neared perfection. His blows are perfectly straight and powerful, the user knows were and how to hit his opponent's body to inflict as much damage as possible. Using wide, sweeping strike the user is kept spinning and moving, almost like a top while fighting. The movements are so fluid that, even with making such wide strikes they still often hit. | Add your entire agility score to all unarmed, nonjutsu melee blows instead of . +3 Agility | Passive | Jounin | Requires Lotus Style; Stage 4
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can i have that chakra i dont no wich chakra i want can you chosse roxx
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Celestial gates
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