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 the Kanjo Kekkei Genkei Jutsus

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PostSubject: the Kanjo Kekkei Genkei Jutsus   Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:30 pm

Chakra Manipulation

The user forces chakra into his hand and forms it into a ball of pure chakra( but as said not swirling like rasengan but just pure chakra)

Kushina is in a very hard fight vs. Minato. She closes her eyes and focusess her chakra into her hand. Minato is laughing at her and says she'd better give up but Kushina knows what she's doing. In her hand the chakra enfolds itself as a small ball of chakra. She hits Minato with that hand. Minato is blown away just like it was a giant windboost.

advanced users can also insert this ball of chakra so it doesn't blows the enemy away but attacks the body from inside and hits organs and nervsystems.

Kanjo Kontoruru (controll of emotions)

This ability is only usable for people with the Kanjo kekkei genkei.

the user focusess on one certain emotion (love, hate, furrier, annoyment, fear, sadness) and tries to only feel this emotion. By doing this the way of fighting gets more defensive or agressive (depending on the emotion)

Jiraya pissed Kushina off with his sex-related jokes that she activaded her kekkei genkei. Right away her eyes turned yellow.
She focesess on the annoyment she felt and hit Jiraya with a very hard and fast combo so that he couldn't react on these hits. After this her eyes got a normal colour again and she just looked at Jiraya and smiled.

Advanced users can focus on 2 emotions

Kanjo no Jutsu (Jutsu of emotions)

To preform this jutsu you must have the Kanjo kekkei genkei and be able to use Chakra Manipulation.

For this Nin-Jutsu the user activates his Kanjo kekkei genkei and focusess on one emotion. Than the user preforms several handsigns and than uses Chakra Manipulation and lets this emotion float into the ball of chakra he created. This ball takes the colour of the emotion (just like his eyes).

This ball can hit sb who will not only get a blast because of the chakra but also will he feel the pain of the emotion (the harder you focus the more will it hurt).

Handsigns: Ox, Tiger, Snake, Goat, Tiger, Tiger, Bear, Snake, Snake, Dragon.

As Kushina saw how many people died fighting Madara she started to hate him. Feeling this hate she thought of the new jutsu she just learned. She saw it as the only way to defeat him. She now closed her eyes and activated her kekkei genkei by focusing on her hate against Madara. While performing several handsigns Madara started laughing and said " so you're ready to die Kushina?"
But kushina than opened her eyes which turned the darkest black Madara had ever seen. Than she produced a ball of chakra which instantly turned black and Madara recognized the hate she felt.

Surprised by the new jutsu he saw Kushina ran towards him and screamed " Kanjo no Jutsu ".
As Madara realised what kind of Jutsu she used he already felt an immens pain through his whole body as it was blown into the air.

After this attack Kushina collapsed and felt down on the ground as she had used all her remained chakra for this Jutsu.

The advanced user could have inserted Kanjo no Jutsu into the body of his enemy and distroy the body from inside
The enemy would first feel an immense pain shock through his whole body befor his bodycells would be distroyed.
This way the body still looks intact but the person cannot move any part of his body, he can just lay there and wait to die.
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the Kanjo Kekkei Genkei Jutsus
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