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 can i have this jutsus

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PostSubject: can i have this jutsus   Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:05 am

Name: Water Clone (Ninjutsu)

Rank: Genin
Element: water
Requires: chakra
Description:A clone created using water as the medium. Itis capable of physical actions much like a Shadow Clone is.

Name: Water Prison (Ninjutsu)

Rank: Genin
Element: water
Requires: chakra
Description:Water Prison traps the opponent in a sphere of water imbued with chakra so that they cannot easily escape. Not only does it immobilize the enemy, it also suffocates them by drowning them in the water.

name:Suiton: Water Shark Missile (Ninjutsu)

Rank: Genin
Element: water
Requires: chakra
Description: This jutsu summons a torrent of water to attack the opponent in the shape of a large shark.

name: Suiton: Five Man-Eating Sharks (Ninjutsu)

Rank: Genin
Element: water
Requires: chakra
Description: group of five sharks are created from chakra in the water to surround and attack the enemy relentlessly while he is submerged.

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can i have this jutsus
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